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The glasses when using Leicas M.

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This question may have been addressed and I apologize for not finding it.

Those of us who wear glasses and use the Leica M8 IIIg and IIIf cameras, etc.

What accessory or trick do you recommend not to scratch your glasses? ...

I have seen the viewfinder Leica Viewfinder Magnifier M 1.4x, which I find very expensive.


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I have terrible eyesight that cannot be corrected to 20-20, and I use nothing but rangefinder or viewfinder cameras, from M2, IIIg, m4 to m10 which all have entirely inadequate viewfinders but excellent rangefinders. Optical multipliers only dim the view, narrow field of view and make things slow for me.

So for the past several years I use the rangefinder to focus then quickly change eye position to use an optional shoe-mounted optical finder, usually from Voightlander.

If that seems like a fuss, well it isn't really.


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1 hour ago, pico said:

Tengo una vista terrible que no se puede corregir a 20-20, y no uso más que cámaras de telémetro o visor, desde M2, IIIg, m4 a m10, que tienen visores totalmente inadecuados pero excelentes telémetros. Los multiplicadores ópticos solo atenúan la vista, reducen el campo de visión y hacen que las cosas sean más lentas para mí.

Por lo tanto, durante los últimos años utilicé el telémetro para enfocar y luego cambié rápidamente la posición de los ojos para usar un buscador óptico opcional montado en la zapata, generalmente de Voightlander.

Si eso parece un alboroto, bueno, en realidad no lo es.


Thanks for your comments.
I take note of it.
a greeting

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Dopaco:


Surely you have already noticed this old Leica advertising poster?

It shows the correct position of glasses when photographing with a Screw Mount Leica, namely away from the eyes up to the forehead.
I was only satisfied with Screw Mount Leicas as long as I could wear contact lenses.

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on my M3, I "painted" a plastic coating (either liquid electrical tape or dip to coat tool handles) using toothpicks on the eyecup ring to prevent the bare metal from scratching my glasses. I used the black material and not very noticeable and can be removed later. Takes several coats to build it up sufficiently, but dries rather quickly.

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21 hours ago, mnutzer said:

Seguro que ya has notado este viejo cartel publicitario de Leica? Muestra la posición correcta de las gafas al fotografiar con un Leica de Montaje en Tornillo, es decir, lejos de los ojos hasta la frente. Solo estuve satisfecho con Screw Mount Leicas mientras pudiera usar lentes de contacto.


I did not know that cartell existed.
It's what I usually do intuitively.

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