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Daniel H. L

M8 sensor replacement - please help

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Hello All,

I am here to get some helps after trying to find out myself what I wanted to know but failed.

I recently purchased a used M8 that has never used after sensor replaced by Leica.

However, its shutter count was around 9k when I checked after I received and the invoice that came with the M8 says nothing specifically about a sensor.

It lists

‘necessary labours’ 4H

‘printed circuit defect’

’adjust range finder’

’clean, lubrication and adjustment’

‘leather covering’  1PCS

’printed circuit, adjusted / M8’  1PCS

’sealing ring, 1x1,5’  1PCS

These are just all listed and norhing listed such as ‘sensor replaced’ or ‘shutter box replaced’.

I was very glad that I purchased a one with 0 actuation with new sensor but now I am not quite sure if it’s good purchase.

Any comments would be appreciated regarding the lists on the invoice if there’s any referrals to the sensor replacement.

Thank you for your time.



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Isn't it more relevant whether it works well? There is no issue with the M8 sensor anyway, so why should you be happy with a replaced one?

The sensor corrosion problem was with the M9. not the M8

If it was worked over by Leica it will be as good as new. Enjoy a great camera and don't forget to use IR-cut filters for colour.

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Thank you for your reply. I just noticed that I posted this on wrong category so I will post this again on another category.

The M8 works well but I believe number of shutter count is still important like mileage on vehicle and even price is different depends on actuation so I was glad that I purchased the one with 0 shutter count not 9k.

And I paid more because it has 0 shutter count. I wouldn't have paid that much if the info of shutter count was correctly provided on the selling description so I wanted to know if the sensor has been replaced since the seller said the M8 fully serviced by Leica so the shutter count is 0.

However, I know what you mean so thank you again for your comment.

I ordered 46mm IR/UV filter already and hopefully it will be delivered soon.

Thank you again and have a good one!


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The shutter is rated for 150.000 actuations... Most don't have more than 10% of that. I've never heard of an M camera with a worn shutter.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Yes! That's the reason I chose M8 after considering between M8 and M9.

I am planning on learning my first digital range finder camera by using M8 for a few years and moving to M10P by saving up money until its price is affordable probably about 5-7 years later.

Thank you very much again for your comment. It helped very much!

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The problem with buying second-hand is that you're often at the mercy of sellers who use vague and flowery language to sell their stuff.  

There is a very big difference between "M8 has never been used after sensor replacement by Leica" and "never used".  Given the shutter count, your camera has obviously been used but it could very well be true that your camera was never used after it was serviced by Leica.

Is the sensor/camera currently in full working order?   If it is, I don't see what the problem it.

The sensor is not something that wears (well, not as far as I know) and, unlike the M9, the sensor does not have corrosion problems.  It would be different if the shutter was the part in question.

However, that is not to say that the sensor was not replaced.  The language that Leica uses in its invoices can sometimes be vague, so if you really want to know, I would suggest you contact them directly and ask them.

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As far I understand the invoice came from Leica? When Leica services a camera and they need to open the body, the covering is replaced. Having an M8 since 2009 the only service done was a remapping of the sensor. The M8 sensor is like already mentioned not affected by corrosion, that’s an M9 issue.

Some people regretted they sold their M8 and purchased another one again. Enjoy your M8!



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