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Replacing the LCD screen protector

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Any idea on how to cleanly replace the 109 LCD screen protector with a new one? Can I just peel off the old one? Will I have to wipe the screen before putting the new protector? I worry whether any glue trace may be left over on the screen. Any experience? Thanks in advance.


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Depends. Sorry to start with that, LOL.

It "should" just peel off, but this requires a "soft" flexible sort of protector. I have been using glass style protectors, and these I would "carefully" pry off, working very carefully.

Once you have it (either style) off, clean it with alcohol or similar, I've seen the guys in malls use aftershave/perfume, so perhaps give that a go. Be careful you don't attract dust and carefully align and attach the new one.

The ones I have bought in the past have had a cleaning wipe(s) included, still, try to get the old residue etc off first, then use the wipe(s) if supplied.


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I remove the glass protector by using waxed dental floss. Pull it fairly tight, work it under a corner then slowly pull it through. (The wax helps lubricate).

Clean as Gary wrote.

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