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M10 Monochrom in 2-3 months

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My expectations of an M10M are not that high actually, since the M246 wasn’t convincing for me over the MM1 either. The difference between the M246 and the M10M could also be much smaller than between MM1 and the M246 for instance. 

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Before buying M246, as happy user of Monochrom CCD, I waited for M10 Monochrom.

Since I use the M246 that is a better/practical camera than MM1, but in results, I tried to see the differences or better images from the later M246.

I must admit that the "old" MM1 can give as nice results as the newer.


Just for fun, I took time to convert some M10's appropriate files in monochrom, good surprise, those can be great and nicely comparable (if a bit different) to the files from other

monochrom siblings.

I'll pass my turn on M10 Monochrom,

maybe M11 Monochrom in few years, if I live long enough ...


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And b&w conversion from M10, two interpretations of same file

For fun of course ...



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I will probably buy the m10m when (if) it comes out, and will sell my M10 to fund it.

I love my original MM1 and will keep it - I love the look of the MM1 files more than the M10 but I do miss some of the "modern" amenities of the M10 when I'm out shooting with the monochrom. Hopefully the M10M will offer a "best of both worlds" scenario for me. 

I *really* hope that the ultra quiet shutter of the M10-P will be available on the m10m. 

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