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Raid Amin

M8 with Voigtlaender 50mm/2 Ultron

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I have been using for many years a Voigtlaender Prominent 1 with 3 lenses, including the Nokton 50mm/1.5. This lens has a good reputation for being a great lens overall, so at one stage I asked Amedeo to work on an adapter Prominent-M for me, and he delivered. His work is awesome, as you know well. He told me that his adapter works only correctly on the 50mm lens. The Prominent camera is known to first class in craftmanship and "last class" in user friendliness. Having the M adapter opened up a new world of photography for me with the original Nokton.
This is an example from the Nokton:


Recently I noticed the existence of a 50/2 Ultron for the Prominent, and since it was a 50 mm lens, Amedeo's adapter should wotk there too.  The CV ULtron 35/1.7 seems to be very popular, and I got the idea to buy the Ultron 50/2.  I found one with the Prominent 1 for a good price, and I bought it. 

I tried this lens out this morning on my M8. 

Here are some results:

link: https://raid.smugmug.com/5020-Ultron-M8/

I paid $200 for the Ultron plus Prominent 1. The lens is very heavy and feels extremely well built. It looks like new regarding its glass and appearance.  Most likely, it is better built than a comparable Leica 50mm lens.

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