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Functional error S (Typ 007)

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In a recent shoot including fashion nude sets I encountered this error. some hundreds of shots since lens change, the camera apparently lost its communication with the lens. In maybe 60,000 exposures with this system I have never seen this before. 
I did not notice for 50 frames (rapid sequence, no previewing).  When I checked then, there was no discernible movement of lens in mount and it appeared to be securely locked. Removing and refitting lens solved the error. I can only conclude that I accidentally rotated the lens in the mount in handling, but it was still locked when I checked. The contacts were clean. The camera still reported the operating aperture  and shutter speed set (In manual for flash and single shot.). Has anyone else ever seen this?
The first shot here show a double exposure (perhaps 1 or 2 seconds apart) so the shutter must have remained open for two flashes, or the camera wrote the second exposure over the first when saving it.. The exposure level is consistent with that (adjusted here)
The following 50 exposures look like the second shot here.

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Something similar happened to me with the H-lens adapter, when shooting with the H300/4.5. But, if I recall correctly, I did not see the aperture on the top display and that alerted me that there was a problem. Lens/adapter was mounted properly, no movement or play. As in your case, removing the lens/adapter combo and mounting it again resolved the issue. Haven't seen this with native lenses yet. Camera is S007.

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Interesting, thanks and yes the top display was missing that information for me too when I looked after nearly 50 rapid exposures.The EXIF contains the set aperture and shutter speed , but now I see says no lens connected. The time stamp is wrong also.

A combination of very rapid series 1 or 2 seconds between shots on average and the loss of connection to lens.

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