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Thinking of downsizing from an SL to a CL. Anyone else done this?

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29 minutes ago, CharlesL said:

I showed how Fuji colors and Leica colors can be interchanged by taking a grand landscape, processing it quickly, and putting before and after up side by side with a challenge to guess which was the original. Unfortunately, I violated copyright by using a photo on Flickr that was tagged with copyright. jaapv removed my post as is correct, so all I can do is assert that the interchange can be done.

I did see the two images (you can link to them if you like) and they are like chalk and cheese, especially the greens.

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I used to own the SL with the med Zoom. With it it’s too heavy to work as a travel camera. I played with my S lenses on the SL and the camera ruined the AF in  my new S100mm. The SL was very nice with the m lenses, but I like to use then on my M9 with the rangefinder. But it was some time ago, when there was no Summicrons  

I bought two TL lenses supercheep secondhand in December and a week ago also bought a new CL camera. Learning it now.  Feel relieved. 



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