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    • By Marckyokay
      Hey all!
      So while being in the heat of the moment, me dumba*s, who never has anything but M-Lenses on his CL, wanted to change lenses and in a moment of brainlessness removed the M-to-L-Adapter with the lens and with a routined muscle-memory started mounting my M lens on the CL without the M-to-L-Adapter ... for a split second... immediately removed the lens again realizing the Adapter is missing...
      But the bayonet of the M Lens bumped the inside of the CL's mount slightly, and after inspection at home the bayonet seemed to have scraped the inside of the CL mount, this super matte anti reflective area around the sensor. Blew with the rocketblower to clean it, and then in a moment of indecisive nervousness I took a (what I deemed to be clean and soft) microfiber cloth and tried cleaning the scratched area to see if the scratch maybe is mostly just leftover dirt and not a real scratch. 
      Turned out yes. Not really a scratch, black coating is fine! But my cloth has polished the black matte paint and I'm left with a ... less matte black and more shiny coating at that area now...
      Yeah I know weird topic but I never ever had to deal with that area in all those years, most full frame camera don't have a large enough attack-area so that this coating might be damaged anyways, but this gorgeous CL has an APS-C in a Full Frame L Mount area, so the anti reflective black coating is rather a large area. 
      Does that matter? Could become problematic that it is now more shiny? Or doesn't matter at all as long as it is black and no silver shines through? 
      Y'all have a nice day
    • By Rob7P
      with the delayed CL2 anyone tought to buy a Panasonic S5? Lens are compatible and you get IBIS and even a full frame in a comparable compact package.. More Panasonic seems a "low brand" Leica because they share more than the lens: quality of photos should be high
    • By jheroun
      I recently was thrown off when shooting a location portrait with the sun behind my subject. The flare in the SL viewfinder made critical focusing or even viewing impossible. Shooting into the sun with its rim light effect on the hair is one of my go-to tricks in bright sunlight. It’s never been an issue with DSLRs. I’m thinking that because light is directly hitting the sensor in a mirrorless camera, this is an insurmountable problem. Has anyone experienced this?
    • By Herbertus
      as you have probably read the "title" you might already have an idea what my Problem is, but im going to give you a bit of background story. I hope its goint to make it more understandable.
      So i got my leica SL 1-2 Years ago. Since then i have updated the Firmware some times, since the 3.4 Update, i didn't do any updates. So a few days ago, i updated it, and lets just say, it wasn't the smartest decision. It locked the MC-21 out (which previously worked), and also some other lenses, i borrowed from a friend also didn't work.
      So now, is there any way i can like downgrade it? I tried "updating" to an older version but i just got an error.
      Please, if someone knows a solution to the problem, i would be very glad to hear it

      THANKS in advance!!
    • By Herbertus
      Dear Leica Forum Comunity,
      i got my Leica Sl over 1 Year ago, and it might sound crazy, but i only used 3 EF-lenses Adapted to it. After some thinking, I decided to get some new glas, namly L mount glas. As much as i would love to get Leica lenses, i simply can not afford it. So i looked arround what i could use. I now come to a point were i have to make a decision. Is it more worth it to get Sigma glas, or more to get older R-lenses and adapt it to the SL.
      It would be great if someone could tell their experience using either of them on the SL
      Thanks for your replies
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