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Charles P

Corrupt Video Files (Leica M-P Typ 240)

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Hello All,

I shot MOV videos with my M-P 240 and some of the files got corrupted. I absolutely *MUST* restore these files.

I tried the commonly found free techniques (QuickTime, VLC). 

(Unsurprisingly), Most of the paid software restoration tools out there already claimed that they don't take Leica in charge as each brand and model have their own MOV file structure. I have spent time with their support team in live chats confirming this.

Based on my files sizes (ranging 640 MB to 4 GB), I still have hope. Data definitely exists, but it's only a matter of finding the right restoration technique of compatible software.

Anyone ran into a similar ordeal? I am devastated...

Thank you so kindly in advance for your help!


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I thought Mov is a standard. It would not make sense for there to be different file structures for different cameras as them how could there be playback.  You’d need different players. 

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In what way did they get corrupted? Did you try renaming a copy to .avi and opening it with a media player?

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Hi Charles 

MOV is a container ... nothing to do with the underlying file or information ... so yes ... each camera may have a different structure ... and if that is corrupted you do have not a lot of options.

Are you on Mac or the Dark Side? .... if the DS look for a small program utility called IsoBuster ... it can find almost anything ...

If all else fails you are welcome to send me the stuff you have and I will try to resuscitate it.



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@jaapv Thanks for your input. I just tried that. (renaming to AVI) then tried to open it with VLC and QuickTime. 


This is a screen capture of what happens when I play it with VLC... Nothing happens but software half-behaves like it is playing. But it isn't... 

Screen Capture

Back of my camera (thumbnails) the black thumbnails are the corrupt files.

Not sure how the corruption happened. Half the files that I shot on the camera yesterday are fine, but the last few files are not playing back. Not even on the Leica M240... Maybe a rogue SD card?

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It could indeed be the SD card. Assuming you are running MAC you could repair permissions of the SD card jin Disk Utility, or use more powerful recovery software like Disk Warrior. These programs will rewrite the headers, which might do the trick.

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