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Jonathan Hanson

Shutter count on used CL?

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5 hours ago, Alex U. said:

With professional Canon DSLRs the shutter is built for 150‘000 actuations (some pro models it is built for even 300‘000). This is some of the officially published specs. As a replacement of that part (or rather parts) is expensive, a camera is most often considered without any residual value when shutter count comes near that figure. Therefore that information is essential when selling a used Canon camera.

On the other hand that figure of 150‘000 is so enormously high that for a private user it can hardly be reached. 

Here we talk about a CL. Certainly not a pro body. 

Please follow the link I posted above for more details about Canon shutters. 

I bought a fairly well used 5D a couple of years ago which is still going well (hope I’ve not just jinxed it!).

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On 12/28/2018 at 1:12 AM, jaapv said:

Mine doesn't say anything like that - ;) - it as I reset the numbering. That only gives the number of exposures since the user assigned the first number of the present series. It is easy enough To reset the numbering. A shutter count is the number of times a shutter has been operated since new. On earlier cameras it could be found in EXIF or the service was menu.. in newer ones it is hidden.

When you reset the numbering, the prefix of L100 changes to L101, then L102 if you reset it again. Leica does that so your files don't become confusing with the same numbers being used twice. So a buyer can tell if the mileage shown is original or if the odometer has been clocked (an American expression).

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