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Flash control

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I’m experimenting with a couple of the nissin-based Leica flashes and their controller. I’m also supplementing with some Nikon flashes in manual mode triggered by their SU-24 sensors. 

In comparison to Nikon’s TTL which works flawlessly (on a Nikon system), the Leica TTL seems a bit hit and miss. It triggers fine, for the most part, but about 10-20% of shots are grossly overexposed, for no apparent reason, at least in my experiments. 

Has anyone any tips for getting the best out of this setup?

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In TTL mode, the flash control on exposure reads off your camera. The point of exposure reading (light / dark or average ) subject and the mode of exposure (spot / center-weight) matters, so unless you compare exact shot and exposure control + point is same with Leica / nissin based flashes against Nikon can you compare and make remarks, else there are too much variability. Yes my experience also does bring some level of inconsistant flash exposure but I attribute it more to appriate settings that matter more. When one uses off camera flashes, the TTL exposure becomes trickier. Good about the Nissin based controller SF C1 allow one to mix manual & TTL on different groups of flashes to reduce variability.

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