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Leica Foto app disconnects from CL unexpectedly

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I have the latest versions for both camera firmware and the app. I’ve noticed that after ten minutes or so of use with my iPad, the app will stop downloading and the camera will display a message “Disconnect from the app?”  Even if I click “no” I’m unable to download further. I have to click “yes” and then reconnect. It’s a problem because the app starts over again with the most recent photo taken. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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This situation is most often the case when there are many apps loaded and dormant on your iPad, consuming RAM. 

When you "quit" an app in iOS, the app is not actually purged from memory. The application executable is simple put into a dormant state and some of the transient memory it uses is cleared, but not all. This has the effect, over time, of fragmenting and blocking RAM allocations by other apps that need a lot of RAM and can cause apps to quit unexpectedly if they can't handle a failed memory allocation gracefully. Leica FOTOs makes some large allocations as it works and isn't the most forgiving app when an allocation fails. 

The way to prevent this is to clean out all the dormant apps that are loaded. You do this by double-clicking the Home button and then swiping the apps up and off the screen one at a time. After you complete that operation, press the power button until the "Power OFF" slider appears. Don't slide it to power off, just hold down the Home button ... In a few moments the home screen will reappear. This latter procedure purges all RAM, so that all apps now started load fresh from storage. 

After that, Leica FOTOs should operate without (or with far fewer) unexpected exits. :D

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