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    • By Sjz
      I am in the fortunate position of travelling to South Africa (near Cape Town).  Photography is not the purpose of the trip but it would be ‘rude’ not to take a camera.
      I have a cl, which I am excited about.  It is a recent purchase with the kit 18mm lens.  It replaces my Fuji x100t which I really enjoyed but I wanted to be able to change lens’ and I preferred the cl to Fuji x-pro 3.
      i just like having a camera in my jacket pocket, hence the 18mm.  Physical, it makes the cl very similar to the X-100 series.
      Now for the questions:
      Is the 23 Summicron significantly better quality than the 18mm (I cant find the physical length lens so will pop into shop to see)? Is the APO-VARIO-ELMAR-TL 55-135MM considered to have a ‘good’ IQ? Should I be looking at other L-Mount lens?  I have a SL2 and the 35mm Summicron, the 24-90 and an underused Sigma 14-24, but I would rather travel with something more compact and in line with the cl. The photography I like is mainly landscape but of course, a bit of street and social photography too.
      Thank you for your help in advance.
    • By simonCL
      Hi everyone! Nice to finally make the decision to join this community. 
      I made the switch to Leica from Nikon last year when I purchased the CL with a 23mm Summicron f2. 
      I absolutely love the camera and the setup for the type of photography I do. 
      at the moment, my current setup is the CL with a f/1.4 Super Takuma 50mm (thorium glass model). 
    • By rob_w
      Hmmm!  I have just spent nearly an hour trying to resize each of five photos to fit as close to the .49MB limit as possible.   The first two I have posted look terrible compared to the originals.  There must be a better way.   If there are instructions on the forum on how to do this better, could someone point them to me please?   I wont post any more pics until I get this figured out properly. 
    • By amost
      You Tube VideoHello everyone!
      I am back with another mod. 
      This time I converted my Leica CL into a full spectrum camera to use it for infrared photography.
      Here is a time-lapse video. I will soon post some photos from the camera.
      Hope you like it.
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