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I am with many doubts between the c-lux and the leica dlux 7, what do you advise me?, I usually throw in jpg
Thanks and feleices fiestas

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e3yc, hello!

Looks like, if you're saving up for a decent pocketable camera that doesn't sacrifice picture quality, you might possibly be looking at a used Q instead. In the CL/DL7 price range there's little to choose between them. Personally I'd probably for the Q route.

As to price:

Listen, I started on M2, M3, M4 and had to sell them all cause I couldn't afford to keep them. Then later on it was the D-Luxes to the V-Lux (my partner saw that one arrive and said 'mine' - she's shot four photo books and still uses it almost every day), then the M9, M10, and all sold now, because I still can't afford to keep one without working it full-time.

The moral of this story? Well I bought all of those Leicas used - and didn't lose a cent on any one of them. In fact I might have made a hundred or two along the way. 

Like any digital camera, the used prices settles down after awhile, as a percentage of the new price, around 50-75% of it, typically. I've found that even over a period of years, the Leicas, after that initial slump in price, have retained their resale value a lot more than, say, their Panasonic equivalents.

So yes, I've also found that the more expensive Leicas shoot better photos (maybe because I felt better shooting with them), and so tend to be more desirable, and their resale value therefore higher. I think I Q would hold its used value better than either the C-Lux or the DL-whatever-number-you-want. Again most probably because of branding - there's no Panasonic version of the Q, is there? - but also because IMO it looks and feels more like a classic M than the Lux models.

So save the money and get the best you can afford. In the case of the red dot camera, that's one thing you know you'll be able to get your money back on, if and when you decide to move on or up. And in the meantime, there's all those legendary shots you've taken, with that cool (and expensive) camera.

But in the end, you see, I might not have a Leica at the moment, but I've shot more than a dozen models over the decades. When next I need one, I'll get one. And in the meantime, I have many shots in my portfolios, in magazines, and in books that have that red dot look - with free camera rental!

In the end, it's the shots, not the cameras, that count. Especially in this digital age. 

(Glass, though, is another story. I still have my original set of primes from my Leica SL and SL2 MOT - and won't part with those for love or money!)




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The DL-7 is a camera that you can use to take pictures very simply - all settings automatic - just as if you were using a phone. The images will be high quality because it has a 17 MP sensor and a very fast zoom lens that you can use in low light, even at dawn or dusk.

if you want to develop your ability as a photographer then the DL-7 can help you. Many of the controls can be changed all the way to being totally manual and shooting in RAW. 

This is a camera you can own for many years and still learn more from it. It may cost more than the C, but can be your partner for much longer. For someone who wants to be a better photographer, but start simply it can be better value.

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