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I’m looking at the strap and I’m not quite sure how it is supposed to be used. The case has strap lugs, so I guess one way to use it is to wear the strap over your head and on shoulder cross ways. Then you could open the case and take the camera (not on a strap) which would make me a little nervous. I wouldn’t bet you could also have a strap on the camera since I’m not sure you could fit the strap in the case. I wonder if you could also wear the case on a belt? I can’t see if it has a belt loop or not. 

Then, suppose you can’t put a strap both on the case and the camera, could you put a wrist strap on the camera so you could hold it securely and put the camera with the wrist strap inside the case?

I’d be interested in your experiences with similar cases by Leica (I note that they’ve used similar cases before and you might have this one too). Thanks.

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I bought the wrist strap for my camera. The case closes as designed with the strap outside. The camera is compact enough to securely hold with the wrist strap (which must be purchased separately). I prefer it to wearing the camera itself over my head.

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For my Leica D-Lux 7 I purchased a Gariz HG-DLUXBK Leather Half Case originally designed for the Leica D-LUX (Typ 109) that fits perfectly to the DL7. This case is beautifully made and is perfect for me since it expands the holding surface for big hands like mine and also has an extra front grip for the fingers to increase the holding grip. The leather is also very nice on the touch.

Regarding the strap, I bought a wrist leather strap (nano strap) from Deadcameras through Etsy. This is a very well made, simple and beautiful strap. Nevertheless after a couple of weeks using my DL7 with the wrist strap I started missing hanging my camera on the shoulder. I have two small children and every time I was shooting with them I had to have my two hands free in order to carry them or to push the buggy. Shooting with the wrist strap meant I had to take my hand off the strap and stow away the camera in my camera bag or in my jacket bag (if I was wearing one).

I decided to remove the wrist strap and install the provided Leica shoulder strap. As Canon user, I know that their factory provided straps have a really bad anti slip material and the strap slides constantly from the shoulder. I thought I would have the same problem with the Leica strap but to my surprise, I found that the Leica anti slip strap material is perfect and does not slip at all. Otherwise I would have bought the amazing “f hybrid” strap from UPstrap-PRO which I use on my Canon DSLRs. I find the Leica strap fixed length perfect for my height and for my right hand whenever I loop the strap around it.

 The Leica strap can be used in combination with the Gariz case without any issue since the case has openings for the camera lugs to attach the strap rings.



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