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My "new" 50 mm lens

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I just wanted to tell how satisfied I am with my new 50mm Summilux pre-ASPH (11 868). I purchased it from a German seller on eBay. He said it was in mint condition, but I didn’t expect a quality like this! Even though the lens is 20 years old, I can hardly believe it has ever been removed from the box! There is not a single sign of use, including the original packaging, the leather case and papers. All moving parts are precise and glide smoothly like a dream. Not a grain of dust anywhere. It’s like brand new.

I was a bit worried about the lacking focus tab that I am used to from my 50mm Summilux ASPH, but the worry was absolutely unnecessary. It feels much more natural and intuitive not to have it. The lens is so incredibly fast and easy to focus, with exactly the right resistance. I can focus faster than with any other lens I have.

I love the more "relaxed" rendering from the Mandler lenses, so it fits perfectly into my collection. It will easily replace my ASPH version, and become my new general purpose lens. Compared to the ASPH version, it is also a bit shorter, lighter, and without the intrusive sharpness and contrast that I never felt really comfortable with.

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I understand perfectly your feel… :) the classic Summilux is a GREAT lens, period… and yours is only 20 years old !! My one is just a bit older :P (56 years...) but don't see reason to keep it apart (lenses of that era were superbly built, btw: it's still rock-solid and smooth in movements) … time to time play with the idea to have an asph… and, apart the obvious expense, I think that my real motivation is that I dislike the perspective to abandon the usage of such an old and trustable friend…


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Another Summilux 50mm pre-asph. victim 👍


It took me years before understanding that the Summilux-M asph. 50 could not "replace" the pre-asph. 😈

before selling the asph. that took little use.

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After buying the Summilux-M 50mm asph. when new released , I've sold my beloved Lux pre-asph. 50 (black E43 model, from 1980 ?).

With regret, having seen my old slides, I bought back Titanium E46 model , then again E43 silver, to finish with black E46 😍


not in that buying order in this picture : left older "1961" model (# 1 89x xxx), my "newest" E46 (# 3 90x xxx) of "2000" and Ti E46 "1995" (# 3 69x xxx)


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