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'50's lenses on Leica CL

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I have 2 1950's lenses, a Canon 25 f3.5 circa 1957 and a Nikon 85 f2 1959, I actually know who 1st owned this lens. I am testing both on a CL.

Both lenses have a problem that the f stop ring moves with the focus ring, less of a problem with the Canon than the Nikon, I really liked the 85 on my M Leicas but it is PITA on the CL. I didn't like the Canon on the M, but it is nice on the CL. Strange, I also have a beat up Elmarit 90mm f2.8 which again I didn't like on my M-2s but the files look nice on the CL. 

The Pavillion photo is from the 85, no real problem other than the f stop ring moving with the focus ring, this lens is good f2.8 - f11, was at f5.6.



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