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Surprise! As I wait for "Q" 2

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Well, I have owned Leicas since the 1960s and nothing else. I sold my Type 240 recently and the Suumilux 50, which was all I had. Eager to buy the next iteration of the Q. Hope it comes with 35 or 50mm. But if it does not more megapixels will be welcome, too.

So now I am using the latest iPhone XR camera along with Lightroom, shooting DNG files and then messing with them in LR. I have to say I am impressed with the results and when I travel without a Q for now, quite happy to use the iPhone with LR. Traveling very light is good....


I wonder if anyone else is doing what I am and what they think??

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I am a multi Leica camera user and also use my iPhone 6s.  I export jpegs to LR. How do you get DNG files from your phone? Are DNG files a new development for the  XR? Or have I missed something on my 6S?  I think the camera phone will replace a lot of compact two third sensor cameras in the future. Interesting times for the photo industry where we will see perhaps the demise of DSLR and compact and the rise of medium format and mirror less. Btw I also use my film Ms a lot. Extremely wide range of options out there!

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1 hour ago, Ted Lemon said:

Ah thanks just downloaded LR app on my phone.  

Now realise why I have not encountered 'mobile' lightroom before - I am still using the LR Classic standalone s/w that came with my original Leica digital M. So I need a CC licence to have LR on my phone...will leave it for now.

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