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CL, Godox Remote trigger and Voigtländer lens challenges

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Hi all,

I have a Godox trigger X1T-N, the Nikon version, and using this with the Leica T lenses everything works perfect to shoot remote (AD200) flashes.

BUT, putting a non-T lens on it all starts to become hit and miss. CL sometimes only fires after multiple presses of the shutter button. Worst case and this happens a lot the CL "hangs" and I have to take battery out and back in to make it respond again.


I understand I'm running a bit of a non-Leica setup but just want to find out if anyone else has similar issues. Is there another remote trigger that's  better suited for the CL (working still with the GODOX AD200 though)? That would be ideal and the cheapest solution I guess.

Any hints / tips /suggestions welcome.

Just trying.....



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I used a similar setup with Cactus early this year with no issues. The Nikon configuration of the flash shoe is identical to the Leica one, but unfortunately they do not share the protocol. Thus, it may occur the camera gets confused by the commander (not obeying ....😎). To test this hypothesis, you can source a simple hot shoe adapter with only the center contact in the male and female part. Normally, they will also happen to have a PC sync port, which may be useful. If you put this shoe adapter between camera and flash trigger, it takes out the possibility of miscommunication.


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