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Barnack Challenge #36 - Curves, start now

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I was waiting for the next Challenge to start - seems I have to start it as well as pick the subject, as I was the last winner.

After "lines" I thought "curves" could be next.

Looking at previous challenges it appears that about 3 weeks to take the picture is about right, then 3 weeks to develop/print/scan/load up, followed by 3 weeks to vote;

So if we start now..

Take your "curves" picture from 7 November to 30 November.

Process and post them by Christmas Eve, 24 December.

Vote from Christmas Day 25 December to 13 January.

The rules of the challenge are now on the front page of the Forum, but basically you must use a screw thread Leica camera, anything from a UR (replica) through a 1a to a 111g. The lens does not have to have come out of the Wetzlar workshop, but I think it would be nice if both body and lens came off the workbench before 1936 so that you could imagine that Barnack himself had picked them up to check them before they were packed up and sent out. 



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