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    • By kalifornier
      A pedestrian bridge near my work after some overnight rain: TL2/18-56 mm

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    • By kalifornier
      I love the drama of storm clouds. All pics taken with TL2/18-56 mm combo.

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    • By Roger Vorbeck
      Got my first ever Leica M body last year. It's a M2. It came bundled with a Summicron 50mm F2 Collapsible. I'm really enjoying this combo, but I'm a 35mm shooter.
      I've found a Summaron 35mm 3.5 for sale in my country, for a decent price. It's serial number is the following: 1176436.
      However, I know that users have trouble defining their lens models, because they were produced in a large numbers.
      I've checked this one's number on a lot of different sources and foruns, but I failed on identifying it.
      The weird part is that checking through this website: https://reddotcamera.net/leica/serial-number-tool/ and in this page: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/Summaron_f%3D_3.5_cm_1:3.5
      The information I have is that this lens is identified as a Summicron 50mm f/2, build in the year 1954 and a Summicron 5 cm 1:2 (M), respectively.
      Why is that? Has anyone here ever seen one of these? I wanted this to be the M2 version (to activate the 35mm framelines) but I have no clue what this all means.
      Any guesses are welcome.
    • By LCL999
      Something I consider to be a glaring omission from Leica's current M-lens line-up is a light, compact, 35mm lens. Or am I missing something? F2.8 would be quite adequate considering the high ISOs available on the M10. The target market would be those for whom minimum size and weight is a major actor, plus those seeking a lower cost entry into the world of Leica M.
      As it is, Voigtlander offer just such a lens, though the reviews are mixed.
      I assume such a lens would be called an Elmarit, as the code seems to be
      Elmar -f4.0
      Elmarit f2.8
      -chron f2.0
      -lux f1.4 or faster.
      Any comments as to when such a beast might become available, or should I just go and buy the Voigtlander?
    • By Slash53
      Hi there,
      I purchased the Voigtlander 35mm f2 Ultron about 6 months ago at my local Leica store. I have a problem regarding the focus ring; it's a bit loose in a way where I can move the focus ring horizontally and vertically (about a mm or so). Its not a big movement or anything but I can feel the loose when I'm trying to accurately focus an image. I've never seen anyone mentioning this problem from this lens., or any Voigtlander lens in this matter. I wonder if any user had such an issue or if I'm getting crazy about small stuff.
      Thanks in advance for the answers,
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