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Keith (M)

I thought the Duke of Cambridge had been a pilot, not a tobacconist!

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Hmmm ... one stop shop for what kills you and for what to do with your stuff when you are gone.  Talk about convenience.  Might there be a mortuary around the corner?  

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    • By Minochage
      Camera: Leica M3
      Lens: Summilux 35mm f1.4 (2nd ver.) PreASPH
      Film: ILFORD Delta 400 Professional
    • By twogun
      Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to work and save some extra money to pursue my serious hobby of photography. During this time I've acquired an M2, M4 Black Chrome, M4-P and M6 TTL. All bodies are in excellent condition and used regularly on rotation. 
      But now .....I'm lusting after an MP Black Paint since I prefer to have a meter - - It's is not a logical thought process. Why get an MP when I already have the combined functions of an MP in all my current bodies? .......and If I decide to get it I will have to sell a few bodies to fund it fully.  So at the end would it be worth it going with an MP and sacrificing the older bodies for it?  I know this is such an objective question - and everyone's circumstances are different and I might be going thru an episode of "GAS" but looking for opinions to keep me out of it or going thru with getting an MP .
    • By Ted Lemon
      One Thorsten von Overgaard black lens shade for 28mm Summaron lens (lens and camera not included!) 
      One Heliopan 34mm UV filter for Summaron 28mm Lens
      One Heliopan 34mm Yellow filter for Summaron 28mm Lens 
      Both filters fit on lens under Thorsten's shade (plus shade also has built-in 39mm thread)
      £145.00 plus Postage free to the UK/EEC
    • By tom.w.bn
      Yesterday Ilford published a film about their film production facility and the people who work there. I really enjoyed watching it.
    • By Knut
      I have too many sweet Summarons...
      So, this one has to go!
      Original screwmount Summaron. Very nice condition, see pics.
      It is the one mounted on the IIIg, Nº1754512
      Focus and aperture perfect. 
      Clean glass, minimal dust, works perfectly.
      Both original caps.
      Finder SBLOO included. It is bright and clean.
      I am in Spain, and every four weeks in Germany. 
      Insured shipping at cost.
      EU sales preferred!
      Spreche auch Deutsch. También hablo Español.
      Good light!!!
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