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M10-D: Any word on availability.....?

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Sure: https://store.leica-camera.com/de/de/leica-m10-d-schwarz-verchromt still available 

Mine arrived today (manufactured 23 November 2018).

Yes, i-Leica. Besides the M10-D, I have the MP film, Leica C, Leica D-Lux (type 109),. Until recently I also had the SL with 4-lenses in the SL line, 24-90, 90-280, 50-Lux and 90-Cron. I recently swapped out the SL outfit for the Hasselblad X1D.. I also moved my M10 when the M10-D arrived.

On 11/21/2018 at 6:11 PM, i-Leica said:

Could you please define “fun”? It’s exactly what I buy Leica for....

I could say that if you need a definition you aren't going  to have any.  But I think you know what's a "fun" camera to use.  For one thing, it's the one you grab when something is happening:

L1008603 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr M10-D 24/2.8 asph


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1 hour ago, i-Leica said:

Interesting, thank you.

The new Leica paradigm seems to be, understandably, that you keep stock in Leica Stores.  I can see that it’s also available in HK dealers.  I would order it, but I like to support my local dealers (Photo and Video International in Christchurch and Progear in Auckland) - they’ve always been very good to me, and the local importer (Lacklands) is also very good considering how small our market is, and how remote.  First rate service.

I suspect mine is the sole order in the country, so I’ll just have to be patient (notwithstanding that I confirmed my order on announcement).  I have no shortage of equipment to keep me entertained over Christmas, I guess.  I doubt this is a product run that will last for long.


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I don't think the stores understand the M10-D.  When I signed up for their first one, my favorite store was surprised and a little puzzled.  They were even more surprised to have several others take places on the wait list or request notification.  But they haven't received a second unit from Leica USA yet.

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