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Jono Slack: All about the Leica M10-D

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Jono Slack was one of the beta-testers of the new Leica M10-D. As usual he has a detailed report about his first-hand experiences with the new camera: Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!In my household the M10-D has caused more controversy than any other camera that I’ve tested for Leica, and on the internet forums the leaked images and descriptions of the camera seem to have cause

Thanks to Jono for another excellent review. I must admit to being of two minds these days when it comes to any Leica release: excitement, and then fatigue because so many people get angry about the absence of their personal hoped-for list of features which have been circulating back and forth on forums like this. This can even include wanting M releases which will provide many of those things in a  DSLR, such as AF, 30 fps burst mode, higher megapixel sensors, and so forth. As though we're all

+1 I don't agree "it's a toy", unless my bicycles, motorbike, paragliders, kite surfers, skis ... are also "toys". I took an award winning photo with my M10-D the other day.  Perfect "decisive moment" and worthy of a huge print, except that I left the lens cap on 🙄

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On 11/3/2018 at 8:05 PM, scott kirkpatrick said:

Well, the M10 can do it -- just set the jpeg properties to Monochrome and shoot DNG + JPG so that you can go either way at the end.  I assume all the M10 firmware capabilities are still down under the covers in the M10-D, but you have to make the request to Leica to have access to the less common ones.  Today, that's not available in the app.

Following the model that the M10-D is really an M10-P with improved, offloaded ergonomics.  This is a reasonable request.



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@Dominique1952 -- I was wrong in the post that you quoted.  FOTOS can set the M10-D to give you B/W jpegs.  There are settings that you can access on the M10-D with FOTOS that are not accessible (and not needed) on the M10.  I don't have an M10-P, so I can't see what happens there, but I am curious.  The M10-D and the M10-P run identical firmware.

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On 10/25/2018 at 10:45 AM, Ouroboros said:

I think anyone who is getting hot under the collar about this camera should step back and accept it for what it is.  No one in their right mind would routinely use it for critical or paid work. 

It’s a toy intended for those who can afford the luxury of owning it and the limited sense of individualism it represents. 

It’s a mildly anarchic photographic upright middle finger and I love that!


Very true - so thought provoking I now want one even more. 

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18 hours ago, IkarusJohn said:

Left to right, not up and down. 

I think it goes left to right at 3X and all over the map at 6X, if you  can hold the front button in for long enough to get there.  I don't find it interesting enough to have mastered it. This is why I would rather have the touchscreen code from the M10-P working on FOTOS for the M10-D as well. 

If they want the back wheel to do something useful, let it run through the menus to pick a lens code for an uncoded lens, or choose a drive mode like self timer 2sec or 12 sec.  From the scraps of promises that I saw in the user manual Leica may have at one time thought they would go there. Both of these menu dives I would like to be able to do with just the EVF, but without getting the phone out and making the wifi connection.

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On 1/18/2019 at 4:37 PM, JulianHalliday said:

Nobody seems to have commented on the included pictures; I have to say that they're gorgeous -- but then, my taste runs to blue... The stones on a cloth are extremely pleasing. Menwhile, I'm content with my M10, which seems plenty out of the way for my purposes!

Thank you so much Julian. I'm glad you liked them

All the best

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34 minutes ago, graphlex said:

Is there a way to reduce the brightness of the EVF?   I find it much too bright in some contrasty situations. 

I think the JPG settings also affect the liveview stream.  Use Fotos to get to them.  There is no "brightness" control, but adjusting "contrast" might help.

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There is no "brightness" control in the M10's menus, and I don't find it in the menus of other cameras, so I am skeptical that this can be unlocked in the M10-D.  That whole subsystem probably comes from some outside provider, not designed by Leica, who seem to be concentrating on other, more workflow-related aspects of the UI.

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