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    • By Johnclare369
      Hi All
      I recently upgraded to the Q2 from the Q. Love it. I've been shooting Leica about three years,  I also have M10 and various lenses so I'm quite used to Leica.  However, I've just come across a problem with my Q2 and would  appreciate advice. Here's the situation:
      On the Q2 I wanted to shoot longer than 1 second exposure, so I turned the exposure wheel to 1+, then tried to increase exposure to, say 20 seconds by turning the thumbwheel, as I used to on the original Q.   I am aware of the limitations re long exposures and high ISO so I set the ISO manually to 100. The camera won't go beyond 1s exposure, however much I turn the wheel. Turning the wheel the other way it only offers me 0.6 seconds. To check it, I then set the exposure to auto (A), and went into a dark room. Again, the camera will not set the exposure to above 1s.
      It may be a fault with my camera, or I may be doing something wrong.
      Any thoughts?
    • By Vieri
      Strong nature and human ingenuity characterise the lagoons of the river Po's Delta in Italy. Here is a "Casone", a typical construction in Comacchio's lagoons to keep an eye on pirate fishermen. A 3-seconds exposure taken almost three years ago at sunset with Leica S (007), Leica 30-90mm Vario-Elmar-S and, as always, my Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters.

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