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    • By Dennis
      Hello! I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like there is no generic open thread for landscape photography. There are a couple of Australian and New Zealand landscape threads, sunsets. And many specific threads containing the word "landscape." But I didn't find one more generic like the "I like film" thread (to say one).
      So, I thought it was interesting to have all an inspiring open thread for general landscape photography. Admins, please correct me if I'm wrong, edit the title. I'm IN anyway to be inspired by landscape photos taken with M cameras (digital and film). ūüôā
      I start with this picture I took yesterday during the super full moon night. It was very bright.
      M10 + 2.8/35 ZM + tripod
      iso 1600 - 8 sec - f/4 

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    • By sonica
      LFI is telling me that I owe payment for the last three years of my subscription as my credit card payments did not go through due to a techinic error on their end. I never received notices except in 2018 where they told me explicitly to not worry about it. Now three years later they claim they sent me messages, they did not as I keep EVERY Leica-related email I receive. However after each payment I did received a notice of what they are now calling a data receipt, not payment receipt. I no longer have the credit cards and cc history of those cards. They kept sending me issues and now claim I owe hundreds of Euros to them. I've never had this experience with any other publication. So apparently they have had technical issues for at least three years.
      I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, especially U.S. subscribers. I don't need anyone to tell me to just suck it up and pay it, I want to hear only from anyone else who have had this issue and how you dealt with it. 
      Thank you. 
    • By Peter K
      I have a question about choosing the right 28 mm M lens for landscape photography. If it has been asked in other posts already, I apologise in advance.
      I have decided to buy a 28mm for my M240. It will be used for landscape photography almost exclusively.
      For the first time in my life, I am leaning towards an Elmarit ASPH. However, I always have this nagging inner voice telling me, that Summilux and Summicron are the only ways to go no matter the situation.
      So before buying, I want to make sure that I will not be compromising on any key aspects important to me with an Elmarit. And since I live in a place where trying different lenses before buying is not an easy alternative, I turn to all you skilled Leica experts in here for advice.
      My needs
      I will be shooting at apertures between f/8 - f/11 most of the time. And I will only rarely be focusing on objects very close. So I am not that concerned about bokeh (which I guess is not that relevant for a wide-angle lens anyway).
      The same thing goes for color rendering, since I’m shooting digital and will be postprocessing the RAW files anyway.
      However, I am very interested in achieving good sharpness from corner to corner. And I am also concerned about the handling of lens flare.
      Do you think the Elmarit ASPH will be the right choice for my purpose? Or will the 28mm Cron or Lux in any of their incarnations perform noticeably better under the above circumstances?
      Reading lots of reviews, both the Cron and the Lux obviously outperforms the Elmarit for low light situations. But will there be differences in image quality, sharpness and flare handling when stopping down to f/8 - f/11?
      Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks!
      - Peter.
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