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M7 Shutter Speed Wheel positioning error

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I have previously admitted to being a newbie to the entire "M" thing (I'm an "R" user since 1976) so I find myself fumbling a bit with this new "M" of mine.

I noticed when in "A" mode, that occasionally no LED "time" showed up when I depressed the release button. I also seem to recall that on occasion the release wouldn't function in this situation. Instead of time, I found that the LEDs for discrete timing would show up!!! This made me a bit curious and I began to move the Shutter Speed wheel around only to find that when turning Counter Clockwise the time would show up when I reached "A". Wiggle the Shutter Speed wheel while in the "A" position and it doesn't take much movement and the time disappears again. 

As previously reported the camera hasn't seen more than maybe 10 rolls of film, so it's basically a new old M7. 

So I was wondering if any of you have had such an experience?

It seems like all the other Shutter Speed wheel positions do what they are supposed to do. 

Any insight is as usual highly appreciated



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I had a similar problem a few years back. Sent the camera back to Leica and it was repaired and the latest updates carried out such as optical DX reader. No further problem. I understand that this fault is not that unusual.


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