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Zeiss announces ZX1 full-frame compact with fixed 35mm F2 lens

Herr Barnack

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This looks like it will be an interesting camera.


If I had to guess, I would expect it to either be a huge hit for Zeiss or an exercise in humiliation similar to the ignoble Hasselblad Lunar.


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No red dot on this one

But it has everything else I expect from a modern digital camera:

- Manual aperture-, shutter-speed- and ISO-controls.

- EVF, touch-screen and no other buttons.

- Full-frame, (I wonder how the fixed 35mm 2.0 lens performs.)

- Zeiss even integrated Lightroom in the software!

- They claim everything works without having to mess around in all kind of menus. (This is why I got rid of my Leica T)


Leica disappointed me on the Photokina. I was expecting the Q2.

The Q2 will come too late for me. And it will never come with both the features and the simplicity of the ZX1.

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