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Leica CL Firmware Version 2.1

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Home since Thursday evening, but I just finally dug myself out enough to do the firmware update and initial testing of the latest LeicaFOTOS app v0.24.0. 

Firmware 2.1 installation proceeded as expected. I formatted a separate SD card from the one I used on my trip and made an exposure onto it. I also exported my User Profiles to it. The installation of fw2.1 proceeded to ask me if I wanted to save my User Profiles, which I responded "yes" to. Install succeeded. After I restarted the camera, I had to reset the language, date, and time parameters. The installation did NOT reinstall my User Profiles, but they imported from the SD card correctly. I made another exposure. 

The first exposure prior to the update was placed in a folder named 102LEICA and was numbered L1020063. The exposure after the update was placed in a folder named 100LEICA and was numbered L100000001,  presumably because 100LEICA and 101LEICA folders did not exist on this new card. I swapped the card back to the card I used on my travels and made another exposure. This time (with 100-, 101-, and 102LEICA folders extant on the card), the CL created folder 103LEICA and file L1030001. (My camera is set to "DNG only" so all file extensions are .DNG.) 

LeicaFOTOS downloaded and installed successfully on my iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12. It launched successfully, and showed me the photos I'd downloaded through its gallery interface as the previous beta version did. It enabled me to join the hotspot created by the CL without any issues immediately, and all of the functions that were there in the last beta worked as they did then (successfully with some reservations about the exposure settings) on my CL fitted with Summilux-R 50mm lens. No magnification for manual focusing still ... that's my biggest disappointment. I can display and zoom in on an exposure I've made to check focus, however, so for my copy stand work it might be adequate until they get focus magnification working.

The WLAN command on the CL now is simplified but still has the option to use a WiFi network. I could see a list of available WiFi networks, including mine. When I chose mine and pressed the right arrow, it found the network and populated the password field (I'd tried it before and configured that record), but then LeicaFOTOS would do nothing. I don't see any way to choose a network and configure it, and since LeicaFOTOS won't do anything once you try to connect to an existing network, I have to consider that this functionality isn't completed yet. 

I don't see any other obvious changes to the CL's operation in this short test. I hope to see some improvements to both firmware 2.1 (to allow configuring an existing network) and to LeicaFOTOS (both being able to use an existing network properly, some irregularities with exposure settings, and the essential focusing magnification) before it is considered complete. The ability to rotate the display with the iPhone or iPad as well would be useful to obtain a larger display for focusing and framing.


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I have started a thread about the WLAN not working on the CL after update to FW 2.1. 

I have sent an email to the service manager of Leica UK about the issue. I used to use the WLAN Leica Connect all the time from my CL and it not working, so I have to get the SD card out every time (I have a grip on my CL) I want to access an image. I suspect Leica may have also screwed the WLAN connection on the SL as well. I will check tomorrow.

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On 10/10/2018 at 9:52 PM, Dirk Van der Herten said:

Does the name also change while riding an ST5? 😉

well done Dirk, it but it doesn't ;)

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Good morning, Leica wrote:

Firmware Leica CL - Vers.2.1
Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Taiwanese

but there is no Polish language included in firmware.

Do you know if there is any possibility to change direction of rotation for settings wheels? Now if I turn left a wheel settings are increase. I want to rotate to the left wheel and decrease settings - is it possible?

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Thanks useful to know. Just purchased a Leica CL that has firmware version 1.0.

Question I have is: Does version 2.2 include all previous performance improvements updated in versions 2.0 and 2.1?

Or do I need to install each version one after the other.

Thanks for your help


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Just install the newest. It replaces all older versions.

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Hard to get excited about these updates. If only they would just fix the wandering focus point without completely locking the controls.

Why is it that software updates are always things I don't need??? Remember when cameras were tested and designed right so you could use them out of the box? 

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