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unter welchem Menuepunkt kann man beim DMR-Rückteil

die Firmware-Version abfragen??

In der Bedienungsanleitung wird darüber nichts geschrieben.



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    • By HP203
      Hallo zusammen,
      Da ich nun nach einigen Wochen durch das Forum gelernt habe das ich wohl statt zu einer R9 mit DMR zu einer SL greifen sollte, währe es nun interessant welche SL denn überhaupt in frage käme. Zudem währe es auch interessant einmal zu wissen welches Zubehör (hier denke ich an Filter, Fernauslöser, Stative, Objektive,…) sinnvoll währe. 
      Vielen herzlichen Dank für alle Antworten
    • By chellm
      Hullo Everybody.
      I've bought a R8 and a Motor Drive. After rebuilding the Akku Battery Pack at a very inexpensive cost - the Camera seems to work very well. All functions work properly - slides are perfect etc etc.
      I'm only trying to use the "R lever" function in front of the Motor Drive (squared in red in picture)  - I suppose is the command for a quick rewind of film when all exposed. Am I right..?
      At the end of shooting I move the "R Lever" aside - as indicated - but nothing happens. I tried some combinations with others  levers and knobs and nothing happens neither.
      Can anyone give suggestions or instructions or direct to literature / you tube for understanding the "R Lever" on Motor Drive function ?
      Thanks in advance to all.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By HP203
      Hier einmal eine hoffentlich einfache Frage,
      Lohnt es sich heute noch eine Leica R9 mit digital Modul zu kaufen oder sollte man sich damit abfinden das man aufgrund des Alters der R Serie auf eine aktuelle SL umschwenken sollte?
      Vielen Dank für Antworten
    • By charleswang
      Hi all - excited to be posting in the R forum for the first time.
      Q for all DMR users: what are some of the things to look for when buying one? I can think of a few such as sensor condition, battery charge, etc. but please share with me some of other things to watch out for from your experiences.
      A bit of back ground for those interested - 
      As the title suggests, I am actively searching for a DMR outfit. Ever since I started looking into the system I was mesmerized by the excellent photos from Thorsten, the flicker group and of course the album thread in this forum. I was also enchanted by the styling of the camera and that 'analog digital' feel which a Leica M user like me can really appreciate. And with film not being an option (too time consuming for me), it seems the only way for me to enjoy the R system in its native platform is the DMR.
      Thank you so much in advance for all your help,
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