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Metering default between live view and rangefinder

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I believe that on the M10, of the three metering modes, spot metering mode is only available whilst using live view because the camera needs to read directly off the sensor. But what happens when you switch out of live view and carry on taking photos straight away using the range finder? What metering mode has the camera now defaulted to? Centre weighted or average? It would be very useful to know and I wondered if anyone had the answer.


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Thank you very much for those replies.  That thread is very helpful and I should of course have checked the manual before doing my post. Sorry. What puzzles me is that Leica obviously know of the overexposure tendency on the M10 and would realise this is not a good thing. Why don't they correct it in a firmware update? Surely it is just a case of tweaking the relevant algorithm or is it much more complex than that? Manual metering negates the simplicity of use that aperture priority provides and if I was going to do that I think I might invest in a decent hand held light meter to get a really good reading. It is after all what Don McCullen always does and his results certainly justify it.


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Having learned how to use digital M exposure control was (for me) a long run.


From M8 on, after decades of Kodachrome (only one "good exposure" or bracket, by then ) I learn how to "expose right" or "bracket" and some work on PP.


M9, M240, etc. was better but not perfect in tricky lighting.


Then came M10, this (for me) is the best "metering in-board-aids" devices, but not automatically "good".


I know how to use Spotmeter F (Minolta) when I exposed for Kodachrome, and now if need be I use the Spot of M10 to do the same.

At last years of film days, I just rely on the M5/M6 meter, end of story for same results with less hustle.


So a separate Spotmeter (or xxmeter) would be overkill and may not be so practical as Spot in M10.


In doubt, just bracket, if the subjects allow.

And with 5f/s of M10, why not use the features.

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