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Remote wired shutter control 16070

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I am thinking of buying a remote shutter control for SL601.

The original is Leica 16070, but I don't like wired type.

I just wonder if there is any third party generic remote control (wired/wireless) that can work with SL.


The Apps is very unreliable as I always lose contact between iPhone 7 and my SL with FW3.2.

Thanks for sharing your experience.



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I am disappointed with the wired release. It’s pretty poor quality for the price.


Short cable, poor haptics, and the button lock sometimes goes on when I don’t intend.


Leica has a really well thought out UI for the SL and S systems. This was the draw from Nikon for me. They should focus on the overall experience for the next iteration of each, and make the tools work interchangeably between the two systems (flash, power pack/AC adapter, wireless remote system, etc).

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