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Lens Hood Trouble

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15 hours ago, kentishrev said:

It is worth saying however that in my six or so years with Leica - in which time I've variously owned and used an M3, M6, M9, CL and M-D along with various Leica lenses - a slightly wobbly lens hood is the first problem I've encountered.  Not such a bad record really.

Good point

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On 9/19/2018 at 3:18 PM, lanetomlane said:

My 35 Summilux hood also fell apart, which appears to be a common problem. Leica Manchester were happy to replace it; they said they had replaced a few.

The replacement has since fallen apart so I've glued it back together again myself. There is a locating lug so it's easy to get the correct orientation.

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I purchased a 35mm Summilux 2 days ago, and the hood fell apart the day after I bought it. I was simply removing the lens from my camera bag and felt it come lose in my hand. I am super careful with my gear so this was very disappointing.

The black plastic inner ring appears to be made from an ABS-style plastic, and this is glued to the metal hood with 4x small dobs of a black, flexible glue.

Unfortunately the glue doesn't seem to bond to the plastic too well and this allows the plastic clip ring to come loose very easily.

I debated taking it back to the shop but it looked like a simple fix and I didn't want to wait possibly weeks (or longer!) for a replacement.

Today I put some very light diagonal score marks on the outside of the plastic ring where it sits in the hood. I also ran some sandpaper over this area to give a rough texture that would allow the glue to bond more thoroughly. I was very careful to do this in a manner that would not be seen when everything was re-assembled.

I added a very small amount of clear glue (Selleys Liquid Nails Clear - because that was what I had on hand) to the inner surface of the hood where the plastic ring sits. Then I carefully placed the ring back into place and left it to cure.

Time will tell if I have fixed it permanently, and I may need to re-glue with something else next time but hopefully I don't need to revisit this issue.


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I've had the same issue with the hood of my recently acquired Leica Summicron-T 23mm F2. I was really surprised when it popped off as I've been very careful with the camera and lens. I'm thinking I will take the Gorilla Glue route if it pops off again. 

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