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M10 arrived today and


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I am blown away! This is the natural Leica Way successor to the M9. If it continues to impress me as it has so far I will order another, maybe two more.  I am putting LF away for a while as I dive deep into this wonder.


Aside: It occurs to me that experienced digital mavens might not be so impressed if the M10 is their first Leica. Old-time RF users like me are very hard to please, and I am pleased!

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I am blown away! ......


I'm delighted for you, regardless of how difficult you may be to please, it's hard to fault the M10 compared to any of its digital M predecessors.

I really hope you continue to enjoy as much as I've enjoyed mine.

Good luck and good light!. 

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Maybe you should have approached your skepticism with more urgency.


I’ve been enjoying mine since soon after release, and I’m rarely an early adopter. It was clear to me that this was the best digital M to date. No disappointments since.






PS The MM, despite its inferior build, makes a pretty nice companion, if an all b/w experience intrigues. But the M10 offers some sweet conversions nonetheless.

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M10 is my first Leica. I purchased it and a few Leica lenses in Dec 2017. Since then, I purchased a second M10 body, a few more Leica lenses and some extra batteries.


It is taken a lot of practice to get used to manual focusing after not having to do so for 20+ years. My keeper rate is steadily improving with almost daily practice. I love the resulting images and the "real" rangefinder experience.


After a few weeks of getting my first M10, I sold my XPro2 body and I dan't miss it.



Bud James


Please check out my fine art and travel photography at www.budjames.photography or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/budjamesphoto.

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Good luck with it, Jac! A lovely camera.


I'm still quite satisfied with my M-D typ 262. The M10 viewfinder is only marginally better performing than the typ 262 series cameras (themselves an incremental improvement on the typ 240 series), and all of them are quite a lot better than the M9 viewfinder. It was one of the reasons I didn't have my M9 repaired when it showed up with sensor problems and felt the upgrade offered by Leica the best deal. From my playing with the M-D vs M10 when it was released, I'm not convinced that it presents that much of an advantage for me, and I prefer the LCD-less M-D body in my hands.

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