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Summilux 50 Focus/Aperture Sticking

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I have recently bought a used Summilux 50mm.  The serial number starts 250..., so I think it's from around 1972.


It's been working fine since May on M9, M6 and CL (with adapter).  Using today on M-D and the focus and aperture rings are starting to stick when focus nears infinity.  Put simply, if I'm at around f8, then move focus towards infinity, the rings 'catch' and turning the focus starts to turn the aperture at the same pace, moving it up (from, say, f8 to f11).


Anyone else had this happen.  If no easy fix then I have a 12 month warranty, but it would be a shame to lose it for a few weeks.


thank you


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It sounds like the grease might be hardening, which is not uncommon in older lenses, and it might be time for a CLA (cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment) by an appropriately qualified person.  When that's been done it should be good for the next 46 years.



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