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X Vario thumb grip suggestions?


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Does anyone have any Thumbs Up type of solutions that work well on the X Vario? That beautiful, heavy lens out front is leaving me with the desire for a bit more grip for my thumb. I already own the hand grip and I have a finger loop on the way, but nothing beats a thumbs up, at least in my experience. Open to any and all suggestions though - thanks.

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The classic position for the left hand (in manual film cameras) is under the lens, where it can support the lens as well as operate the lens controls. This is also appropriate for the X Vario. There is then no need for additional support for the right hand. I use a hand grip for additional stability, not support.


In addition, you will look more like a professional than a tourist with a point-and-shoot. (Just kidding.


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Thanks for your reply. I apologize for not being more specific in my original post. I've been a freelance photojournalist and part-time photography instructor for about 15 years, so I'm comfortable with my shooting position. For me, it's about carrying the camera in a ready position, not inside a bag or attached to a strap. My particular type of work (and shooting style) benefits from being able to handhold the camera as much as possible. With my M8, I've found the Thumbs Up grip to be invaluable. Supposedly the Match Technical grip for the X2 might fit the XV so maybe I'll give that a try.


Still wondering if anyone has tried any other third party thumb grips that work for this camera - thanks.

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I, much like you, love the Thumbs Up grips and have used them on all my digital Leica’s including the X1 and X2. I did try the X2 TU model on the XV when I first got it but it did not sit right with the thumb wheel and felt awkward. I also had the Leica grip and did not like that either. What worked, and has for several years now, is an Artisan & Artist half case with a grip. The grip on the case helps my hand and thumb get a better hold of the camera and the thumb wheel. The A&A case is more tactile than the Leica grip and has been a great solution for me.


Hope that helps!



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