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My M8 seems to require repair. Take a look

Raid Amin

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Ignoring the line for a moment Raid, those are lovely images, especially the second one.


Which lens was this?


EDIT: Sorry, just seen it's the 16mm Hologon.





Thank you, Ernst. 

It is the Zeiss Hologon. I bought this lens to get extra options in photography. This lens has a temper when using a digital camera.


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Try another lens. Who knows ....... 


Filter on the lens?? 

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I will mail Leica Camera NJ my M8 to have it checked out and to assess to repair cost. I have seen posted comments on repair cost in such a dead line issue. These costs ranged from "free" to "$75" and reaching "$1500". Should be interesting to see what I amange to get. 

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You have a couple of dead pixels on your sensor, nothing to do with your lenses and it is an easy fix for Leica NJ. The problem is their return might takes months, so I decided to live mine as is. Besides it only shows at ISO 640 and my camera is permanently set at ISO 160.


By the way, none of those softwares or online pixel fixers worked for me, maybe because I use Mac iOS, I don't know. Keep us posted and good luck.

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