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Guest guy_mancuso

M8 fans : Now i need help

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Guest guy_mancuso

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Thanks Phillip , I cheated i sent the whole lot in on that collection. Let them decide what they want. I do like your choices though. 5 images out of 4 thousand shot is too much to edit too, just don't have the energy to do it .So in the end i went with these because of the theme and people shots made more sense. If they post one or two that would be great not expecting more than that. For me there nice shots of the trip, to get to the portfolio is another question. Which needs a serious redo. i am honestly going to hire a person to edit my book completely and redo my site at the same time . This will be a expensive adventure, reason it is not done already. There is just no way in the world i can get through 30 years of images and be effective at it. As i tell my wife there are times when just writing a check makes much more sense than doing it yourself, this is it for me.


I do want to thank everyone for there help and i really appreciate there efforts in this. I do hope it was more fun than anything else which was my intention all along. I think having some more fun on this forum is needed and hopefully this was entertaining

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well, should respect the purpose of this thread.


Here are my suggestions, and why (this for Leica after all, and for europe/germany NOT for human interest except as it relates)


#46-a wonder combo of photo taking, german cafe and human interest ("V" sign is fantastic!)


#62 this is europe at night, and I have live there, not cluttered with shoppers and carnival )


#67 german is a CENTRAL european country esp from Munich to Budapest. This is one of the typical old/new feel with babushka's (both a word for the woman and for what they wear) for that world (better than the walking of old ladies thru cemetaries: and I must have a hundred of those!)


#104 you need the feel of the small and cramped but see it. this is the best of several


For the last let me suggest

14 for feel 15 for typical florals on limestone (pan european look) 17 but fix perspective

18 is ok for street (the ones others picked are, sorry cluttered)

22 but only reluctantly to too. but this is the real threat to the pedestrian walking areas, not the ocassional car! LOL

26 nice capture, but ordinary,


28 ** a special one. Not a dramatic photo but color is wonderful and this is the 'shopping view, old/ new with bored image of a slow day (bike on wall a nice touch)


32 crop it,38 39, good, but well...


63 ** this is a perspective rarely seen, shows that the scale of Ludwigs thinking was much smaller than people think (but still expensive - he bankrupt the Wittlesbachs!)

70 again good euro AM feel 73 possible (82 no for reasons stated :-)


and finally, the one of these I would pick, to show off the dynamic range and color of the M8



more than YOU wanted to know, huh!

Please take the vritic as finding the best of a wonderful set (pls dont ask to see mine! :-)


best regards


PS Can you check the Linerhof images? I MUST be in the background, on the terrase when you took some of those! I will see if you are in mine that are shot OUT from terrase.

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That is me in the middle, with Christian to my right and Roger Dunham to my left. We all noticed a gentleman with an M8 at Schloss Linderhof that day. I can't believe it was you!


You're the one who's good at stats. What are the odds of this chance (un)meeting?






Dear David


I have spoken to you so often and really appreciated the portfolio (convinced me NOT to buy a printer but use your services- a bunch coming soon so keep the gloss and canvas ready LOL)


I expected when I saw the M8 and WATE you guys had, that you must be german since I STILL do not have mine (ordered March) [Also clothes are now pan western - more jeans in Munich than NY)


I did bring the Nocti I got from you and used the 28mm cron 70% of the time (with no WATE I was forced to the CV 15 and 12. I have the 15mm distagon, but didnt bring it In Aug we go to France , no trekking, with a car A lot more glass will come)


I am sorry I rushed We were in a gp that was going to the grotto ( I actual have some not-so-bad AMBIENT light shots with the M8)


I would have chatted and I would have met Guy and we would have, well I would have gotten in real trouble with our mountain guide (who has never lost anyone, and kept saying "Gogolak, don't cause me paperwork!!!" )


I would love to see some of you blow ups from the trip

there are a few of Guy's I would buy. (sorry dont want to get commercial, but I would buy #46 16x24 in a heart beat - guy, what for?? but printed on REAL paper by David /Dale :-))


I will call you next week as I need a few things in the office now??


best regards


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