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Herr Barnack

Mz3 B&W emulsion by Svema

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Maybe this emulsion has been around for a while or maybe not, I can't say for sure.  I just discovered it though, and thought others might find it interesting. 


The thing that makes Svema's Mz3 B&W film interesting is its stupefyingly slow box rating of ISO 3 (yes, three) and the results it produces. 


The link has some sample images and contains a link to more sample images to be found on YouTube.  The commentator says he prefers to stand develop Mz3 in Caffenol CL (a home brew developer) for 60 minutes; judging by the appearance of his images in the Y/T video, he is obviously on to something with that combination. 


Link to the film:



Link to a blog which gives Caffenol recipes: 


(If you do a Google search on Caffenol, around 857 links will pop up).


This sounds like quite an interesting emulsion and developer combination - I think I will give both a test drive. 


I'm wondering if anyone else in L-Camera-Forum land has shot and developed Mz3, what developer you used, what your thoughts on this emulsion are and most of all, if you have some sample images that you would kindly post.

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...it’s White film, quite unusual. My first half roll was not good. I used it the Barnack Exposure Tester Camera at the same aperature I used for ISO 6 film and waaaay underexposed. Half of slow is Very Slow! But I’ll try again. I have some 0.8 ISO Direct Positive awaiting test too. Probably use the III and a Summar for that..

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I suspect that Reciprocity Error might have played a part because you're likely to be well past the 'flat' part of the response curve.



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