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M8 and MacBook Pro with only thunderbolt connections.

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Welcome to the forum.

All my downloads are made through a memory card reader when i don't use a Mac with SD slot. There are perhaps other ways but i have no experience with them.

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Yes! The M8 has a USB connection. Use it! No need for a card reader, just a cable.


(I am so unhappy that Leica no longer has a USB port. Or do they?)

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Something to think about - if you use a card reader, it's simple, inexpensive, and if anything goes wrong, you can just buy another.


If you use the USB connector on the camera, and if anything goes wrong with the connector, you're out of a lot of money, and time while it's being fixed.


It's quicker, easier, and safer to just remove the card from the camera, and plug it into either the MacBook Pro's card slot, or a simple card reader.

Unless your old Leica has USB 2, which I doubt, doing this from the computer or card reader is likely to be much faster.


(I have a Nikon D3 that no longer has a working USB connector on it, for unknown reasons.  The Nikon tech person suggested I just use a card reader.)

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