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Leica 35mm Summilux AA - eBay

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Surfing the web on a Friday night (obviously exciting) and I came across the below. Any chance this seller ever sells this lens for even 50% of the listed price?


This is a legit seller mind you.



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Posted (edited)

Only one in the world? Just get two collectors with deep pockets into a bidding war....


It's a prototype (note "Panda" construction - custom chromed barrel, but a "regular" black focus tab) to test out the chroming process over all-brass construction (regular black AA's are aluminum + brass). Ahead of its time, since Leica didn't actually start making silver lenses available again until several years after the AA went out of production completely.


I've always felt sad about the AA - more to my taste optically than the ASPH (yellower color, sharper in the center but softer in the corners), but already an overpriced collectors' item by the time I got interested in Leica. Got to try one once - should have bought one when they were just $4500.


Just remember: https://www.pdnonline.com/gear/cameras/the-most-expensive-camera-world-leica-prototype/

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