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Recommended sites/stores to sell an M8 to avoid eBay?

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Pete and David,


Last year I contact Leica to see the what I could do to have my camera engraved, they told me I had to ship it to Germany and the process could take almost a year at a cost of around 1000 Euros, I dropped the idea.


Last month a designer friend of mine gave me a few Leica logo decals of different sizes as a gift so I decided to put the smaller 1" length on the camera, looks nice and seems it will last. In case you want I can ask her to print some more and I can USPS them to you.


David, you have a new follower on Flickr.

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Ah thanks, rive, that explains it - and thanks for the generous offer but I won't put you to the trouble you of having it done because I feel sure I could arrange to have it done locally.  


I'm surprised that Leica's quoting nearly a year and €1,000 because when I enquired about having my M240 similarly engraved a few years ago they expected it to take around a fortnight and something like £100 or so.  Perhaps the one elderly gentleman* who does the engraving has orders backed up.

*I'm joking of course.



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