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I have been shooting some ORWO N74+ again, off a 100' core I had in the freezer. I had forgotten about it because I earlier tested it with Rodinal and the results were not too good. This time I used my now-regular Adox MQ Borax and I'm much happier with the result.


Below is a FB paper test with 19" of enlarger elevation giving me about 11x14 on the easel. Scanned at 600 dpi. The distance between the ticks is one inch on the paper. This was on grade 2.5 so 2 might be fine in bright sun. The tonal thing is pretty similar to Tri-X and looks to be a true EI 320 for me. Internet says it pushes better than does Dbl-X. More insurance against the certain film apocalypse, right?




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