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Testing Voigtländer lenses - participants welcome

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My two girls

Shot on my CL with a Voigtländer Color Skopar Pan II 35mm f2.5
I'm getting all sorts of praises (mostly by my wife) on how awesome the pictures look from this lens.

And its one of the cheapest in my line-up......
Honestly Voigtländer doesn't get enough praise (from us)

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On 8/6/2018 at 11:45 AM, HeinzX said:

What´s about the Voigtländer Ultron 35/1,7 ? Is anyone there using this lens together with the CL ? Obviously Mr. Huff does use this lens. And does anyone know, how it performs together with the SL ? I am really thinking about it, because I use this two systems.

Or would I be better off with the tiny old canadian Leica lens  35/1,4 - which I had long time ago with a M6 and I really loved with this camera, which was sold many years ago.

I really enjoy using my Ultron 35/1,7.  Hardly a professional photographer, and definitely not a pixel peeper, I find that my images are very good.  I just purchased a CL so I'm looking forward to shooting it in different situations; as I did on my 262.  Both BW and color renderings are very good.

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I love the Voigts for night time work. I finally got around to buying an adapter for my 75mm f2.5 with an LTM mount. Sadly (and in spite of reading all the posts) I got the adapter that mounts the lens directly to the camera rather than the one than mounts it  to the M adapter which means I cant use the wheel to magnify but have to use the up/down arrow on the back of the camera instead. I practiced a few times on the cat then got the tripod out. Here's the cat. 


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39 minutes ago, ruskkyle said:

@Dippy this with the 10mm is superb - do you have any others?

Thank you, I love this lens. I also have the 75mm f2.5 LTM which I only recently got an adapter for. I bought it cheap some years ago but from everything I read the quality of individual copies is quite variable. Mine is OK without being outstanding but I suspect I may just need more practice with it.

I have today placed an order for the 50mm f1.2. They are expecting stock at the end of the month so I'm looking forward to receiving that.I enjoy night shooting and shooting into the sun; there's nothing quite like a Voigtlander starburst! 

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