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Any reason for the CL and TL forums not to be merged?

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No, the pinned threads are sorted by the date of the last post.



Yes. And I'm going to unpin some of them.


IMHO we have too much pinned threads: We should use this only if we (admin / mods) want to push content which needs more intention.

Otherwise they take up all the space and push other active threads out of the visible area.


The default should be that only active threads show up at the top.



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First off - I do not own the forum - that is Andreas.

Personally, I would like to see this forum organized much like the M forum, with dedicated subforums for each type, lenses and -different to the M side- , one for common subjects.

I would not be in favour of separate forums.

However, I can live with the present system.


Thanks for the Changes Andreas,


I would agree with Jaap on this, might be best to still have a TL / CL Lenses section and then a APSC cameras section. There is no way it should be split out into every different micro category like the M though, the M cameras have been around for 50 years and have amassed a tonne of users and discussion points. The TL and CL are in their infancy and are relatively lightly used compared. So less topics for discussion.


I see no reason to have one APSC lens forum and one camera forum. Unless people are so desperate to have a desperate to have a TL and CL forum separated.

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 TL and CL are the same system, sensor, mount etc, so why are they not under the same forum header?


They are the same mount and the same sensor size.


They share the mount with the SL, obviously.


I too find it very odd these are two different forums. All that changed about the CL was the interface.

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Could it be that some malware- or adblocker is inhibiting responses to the forum from your computer? (This should be in the "About the Forum" subforum

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I don't have a CL.  I'm finding the merged forum better as many of the comments in the CL forum pertain to lenses common to both the CL and TL2.  Clicking on the CL tag surely answers the concerns of those wanting a separate forum?

Clicking the CL tag only gives me what I want if all the items are tagged properly. At present they aren't.


Beyond that, it's yet another action to have to remember when I glance into the forum to see if there's anything I want to read. I don't dislike the T/TL cameras, I just have no interest in reading user comments about them since I don't own one and likely won't.


I must say though that simply the number of comments on this thread indicates that merging or splitting the forum different ways is a subject of great interest by the users of the forum. Change to an existing design should be done carefully and thoughtfully, and explained to those users completely, to present changes as being a benefit and why, IMO.

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I dislike the new organization.


It's not a matter of "getting used to it", it's a matter of working around a new, more complicated structure with little information as to how and why the new features are presented, and no clue offered as to why they give me any advantage at all in trying to participate in the forum discussions about the CL camera and lenses used on it.


The way the forum worked prior to the 'merge' was superior for my use. I could quickly tell what CL threads were new since I was last looking in, and decide immediately whether I wanted to check the new content. Now I have to parse all the headers to see whether they are CL or T/TL, or masks off all the things NOT tagged CL (with the possibility that incorrect tagging has hidden items from view that way), etc etc. For what benefit? None that I can see.

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The X, the R, and the S cameras are all very much alike in design center, ergonomics, most features, and use. Just like the M cameras. Matter of fact, you could likely stick the Q camera in the same forum as the X and outsiders couldn’t tell them apart... why does it have its own forum? Meanwhile, the T/TL are very different from the CL in design center and use... but because they use the same sensor and have the same lens mount, you lump them all together..?


It’s ridiculous.


And if there is no option to change anything, if the decision is made and that’s that, why persist with these query threads and polls anyway? More no sense, a pure waste of time and energy.


Note that I don’t expect anything sensible to come of pointing this out, or any change. I am just speaking from an academic point of view at this point. I’ve given up on expecting progress.

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