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EVF fails to wake up after auto power off?

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I have just purchased a used TL2 which I immedaitedly upgraded to the latest firmware version -  v1.4.


When attempting to use the TL2 with my Visioflex EVF I am finding that if I let the camera auto power off when the camera is in EVF or Extended EVF mode, the EVF fails to wake when I wake the camera by half pressing the shutter release.


When this occurs the camera will take photographs but the EVF (and LCD) remains blank / off. Removing the EVF and powering the camera off then on again, then re-attaching the EVF usually resolves things.


As I occasionally use the Visioflex on my M10 I tried replicating the issue by letting the M10 auto power off after being left in LV mode with the Visioflex attached. Before auto power off everything was working as normal when I put my eye up the the EVF. After waiting for the M10 to auto power off, then waking the M10 using the shutter release button, Live View reappeared on the LCD but on putting my eye up the the EVF or palm of my hand over the EVF the EVF again failed to operate.


Does this look as if my Visioflex might be at faulty? Has anyone else had a similar problem / been able to resolve it? 

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I have sometimes an unresponsive Visoflex as well on the TL2 (firmware 1.4). However, so far i have not been able to identify conditions for it to happen. Waking up from sleep often goes well. But it does lock from time to time and getting it back to work is not easy. Your solution works (taking visoflex off, turn camera off, put visoflex in and turn on camera again). Another solution that works for me is put Evf settings to evf only. That turns visoflex on. But touch interface does not work anymore, so next is turn camera off and on. Also cumbersome, but it prevents taking visoflex on and off.

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Seems I have an issue with my evf as it behaves somewhat eratically on a number of cameras. Leica Mayfair are sending it back to Germany for them to have a look.

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Whilst my Visoflex is being looked at by Leica in Germany I went into a camera store yesterday to try a new Visoflex on my TL2 to see what would happen.


The Viso tried was manufactured in late 2017 (much more recent manufacturing date than my Viso) but exhibited the same erratic behaviour, often not waking from auto power off in extended evf mode leaving the tl2 with no LCD and no evf after waking from full auto power off.


If the evf was unresponsive after switching camera on (using on / off switch) then putting the camera in evf only mode (MWC's suggestion) did often seem to resolve things temporarily.


Part way through playing with this Viso in store I briefly saw a firmware update message flash up on the lcd but could not catch the whole message so wonder whether the camera updates the visoflex fireware, and whether my Viso's firmware was too old to be updated with the latest firmware. Anyhow after this the viso seemed to behave a bit better on my TL2, but would still sometimes get into an unresponsive state so the issue was not resolved.


The shop had another Viso in stock. It had exactly the same manufacturing date on the box so I assumed trying that would make no difference but this one seemed to behave itself impeccably from the start on my TL2. With this Viso I saw no FireWire update message fash up on the camera LCD.


I'm left wondering what the issue is and whether it is purely Firmware related?


In summary my Viso (an early example) exhibited problems on my TL2 with latest firmware installed, and also exhibited issues on my M10 and Leica Mayfair's cameras too and has now been sent to Germany for Leica to look at. That said my TL2 worked with one new Viso but exhibited similar problems with another new Viso, both of which had exactly the same late 2017 manufacturing date on the box sticker.

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