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summarit F2.4/90mm lens type not recognised in exif & lightroom

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I am interested in purchasing a 90mm lens for my M10 and I am considering the APO summicron f2/90mm and the summarit f2.4/90mm.  For starters I have taken a few shots with both lenses on my M10 in the Leica store.  When I imported them in Lightroom, the APO summicron is recognised, however the summarit was considered an "R-adapter M" lens and thus did not get the appropriate lens corrections automatically in LR.  When I checked the exif info in the DNG file, it appeared indeed that the exif metadata did contain this "R-adapter M" designation.  (The APO lens was correctly recognised).


When I wanted to check the M10 manual setting of lens types (which I did without any lens mounted because the 90mm is still with Leica:-), the manual M types did not even contain the summarit f2.4/90mm (nor its older f2.5/90 version). 


I suppose that lens (brand new) was 6-bit coded (I didn't check in the shop!)?  This all seems odd to me.  This is with latest firmware 2.4.5.  Has somebody an explanation?


Thanks, Charles

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Either a mistake in the coding or you didn't click it in all the way. Lenses that were introduced after 2006 are not included in the manual list, as all of them are coded.

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Thanks, makes sense.  Will make sure the lens will be mounted correctly next time in the shop.  Actually, the shop owner mounted it last time.


So, Leica will never make more than 64 new lenses starting 2006?  No, even less as they will code pre-2006 lenses as well.  Is the coding specific for M lenses only?  Or could Leica use colours in addition?  Just curious.



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The M10 is rather prickish as lens detection is concerned. There have been a few reports here about non-detections or even misreads of lens codings by the M10.


So your experience might be caused by an individual fault and another example of the 90mm Summarit will be detected as normal.

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