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Shutter problems and repair

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Starting a new post, in another, jaapv wrote:


"If anything, we have seen more shutter defects of the slower shutter than of the faster ones on this forum. Come to think of it, I have not seen any "broken shutter" post for the last few years."


This past winter, I sent my M8 over to Solms from Canada, as the shutter had "stuck". It happened just before going on vacation, so I took the bottom off, and "moved" it by hand, and it sounded ok, but laboured.


Worked fine until the last day or two of the vacation; a couple of sticks, but by bumping it when turning on, got the shutter to cock.


Anyway, sent over; they repaired it, cleaned it, part of the repair was a new internal shutter frame.


It is built like a tank, but tanks need maintenance once in a while.


Cost was something like $1,500 CAD for shipping, repair, and return and customs and taxes on receipt. Maybe more, maybe less; I just closed my eyes and paid, thinking all the time that that was a good down payment on a new Leica CL... :-|


Still, though, I really like this camera, because I can use it without needing to find and put on my glasses just to take a picture.


That's the second time it was sent away over the last 10 (approx?) years - first time was to Leica NJ, as the shutter would not cock, but continue trying to until either the battery drained or the camera was turned off. That was about 7-8 years ago, IIRC.




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