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Infinity Mark Calibration (Telyt 280mm f/4.8)


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Dear Forum Members:


It is my first day here and I am already so happy that there is so much to learn and every one is sharing knowledge so enthusiastically.


I had a question about old lenses. On most lenses, when I move the focus to infinity, the barrel stops and I know this is the end of focus.


But the Telyt 280mm f/4.8 lens I have got (series number is 234XXXX) goes beyond infinity and extends to the m/feet mark. I am attaching a photo explaining the problem.

I have two questions:


  1. Is this normal?
  2. I am guessing that the Telyt 280mm f/4.8 lens does not couple with the rangefinder. In that case, I am going to be using the live-view any way.

    Let's say, this is a calibration issue with the lens. Eventually, it should work out with the live view mode, right? Or could this calibration error mean that my camera won't focus in the right range, ever.



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With a long tele lens, or really any lens on an adapter you cannot expect a hard infinity stop.

A long  lens is often designed to focus beyond infinity to compensate for heat expansion.

The adapter is usually designed the same way, despite the lens possibly stopping at the infinity mark it is "too short",  to make sure all lenses mounted will be able to reach infinity at least.


No lens on any adapter will couple with the rangefinder.

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It’s normal on a long telephoto. Jaap is correct.



If it’s focused in live view, the picture will be correct. Calibration only applies to the rangefinder (optical).



Thank you for taking time for making things clear. I feel more confident now. I wish you a happy sunday.

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