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How adventuresome are you with your M10 around water?

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..... some people value gear more than pictures, and some people value pictures more than gear.

The two are not incompatible. Using the right gear for the job values getting the job done as much as it might value protecting the gear


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Leica X-U (Typ 113) ?


Too expensive for such a limited camera as far as I'm concerned. I've handled one and its nice, but for not vast amounts more money I can have a much more versatile system camera and housing for underwater use. The one camera I would say really deserves a housing is the S - I can get one built (cheap accessory for the S

); I just need an order for 50 to make it worthwhile.

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I have been using my M10 and other Ms in the rain without issues by shielding it with my hand or something else between shots and by putting it into the bag when not using it.


Sea conditions, particularly in a small vessel, are a completely different issue because of the spray and the risk of complete submersion and also due the salt in the water. Because of this, I mostly use a completely waterproof camera or waterproof pouch when kayaking. When conditions permit (i.e. calm weather) I may instead take a bigger camera in a waterproof bag and take it out only when taking pictures. This is very rarely an M, because changing lenses in a kayak is really a nightmare - at least for me. Anything you drop on the spray deck may easily end up on the bottom of the sea. So I usually end up taking a camera with a zoom lens and keep the camera/bag strap attached to something in the kayak or to myself. Or at least make sure that the waterproof camera or bag will float. And, of course, I always use a lens protector or other filter that is easy to keep clean of all the salt water stains.

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    • By clngood
      Hi guys, so I had my "reporter edition" of M10-P sent in, which had freezing issue, and Leica replaced the old CMOS with a whole new one. So far, no freezing, however, I run into 2 new "issues" if they really are.
      1st one: Sometimes when I press the "Play" button to view the photos, a brief "loading" appears on the screen for like less than 1 second. I didn't do that right after pressing the shutter, even when I was in the menu screen, and that happened, but not very often.
      2nd one: Sometimes when I press buttons (like Play or Menu), and there is no response, so I had to press them again, and this is not very often either.
      I don't remember that I ever had those 2 issues before I sent my M10-P in. I wonder if it has something to do with the very low battery? Have you guys encountered same things on your M10 or M10-P? Are they really issues?
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    • By clngood
      Dear all,
      I bought the "reporter edition" of M10-P about 5 months ago. And it constantly has freezing issue. For the past few weeks, it's just been way too often, like 1 out 2 days it would freeze. I always turn the EV on when I'm shooting, and before it's about to freeze, the EV looks like it's having dropped frames, pretty lagging and then it would freeze, so I have to take the battery out and restart the camera. And many times it just freezes after I turn the camera on, I don't even get to press the shutter.
      Yesterday, I went out shooting and it froze again, but this time, after I restarted the camera like I always did, I found that the screen got a dark horizontal line on the very top of it (please view the photo I uploaded). I checked the photos, it's usually without the line on them, unless the ISO is 4000 or higher, then I got part of the line (or banding?) on the left side.
      Is this normal? Should I send the camera in for a replacement of the CMOS or something?

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      i’ve just got my first digital Leica, an M10R.
      coming from a canon background im used to connecting my camera directly to my mac and having the eos utility automatically download and organize my photos into different folders sorted by date,
      Obviously thats not the case with the Leica and i have to connect the sd card to my mac in which all the photos are stores in one folder that i have to manually create date stamped folders for on my hard drive.
      is there any way (in camera or through an app) that i can do something similar to the canon eos utility with the leica sd card and automatically import all the photos on it into date stamped folders?
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